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    A few general reminders....
    Homework is considered on time when it is on your desk ready to be stamped when the bell rings. Homework in your locker, in another binder , in another classroom, in the main office, in my mailbox, or sent to me via email does NOT earn stamp credit.  Homework does not have to be "correct" to earn stamp credit.  Any student who makes a reasonable attempt to do an assignment she/he doesn't understand, will still earn homework credit.  If you are confused, email the teacher, get in touch with a homework buddy, enlist the help of a family member, and DO THE BEST YOU CAN!
    Printer problems are not an excuse for late work.  If you have a problem with your printer, save your work to a flash drive (not to your email or Google drive) and get to school early enough to print your work in the library, computer lab, or learning center.  Better yet, hand write your work, so you don't have to rely on a printer at all!
    Revision Policy:  Students who wish to revise graded writing assignments should make an appointment for a revision conference.  At that time we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your paper, create a revision plan, and set a due date for resubmission.  Your recorded grade will be the average of the original paper and the revised paper.  
    Help Class is held every Tuesday after school in the English Office.