High School Field Trip Calendar

  • Welcome to the high school on-line field trip calendar.  Please use this as a quide when you are requesting a trip or planning a classroom activity that may be impacted by someone else's trip.  The procedure for requesting trips remains the same except now you will be able to see the status of trips under consideration from any computer.  We hope this helps you in your planning.  Any suggestions you have should be forwarded to Jane, Andrew or Bryan. 

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    Field Trip Procedure:

    Please note:  A Field Trip, Transportation Request and field trip list must be submitted to Marilyn Bendl two weeks prior to the field trip.




    In order to schedule a trip:


    1.                  A Field Trip Request form must be filled out.  Approval signatures of the appropriate chairperson(s) must accompany the form.


    2.                  A Transportation Request form must be completed and submitted to Marilyn if a school bus is needed.  If you are using a school bus to go to New York City, you must leave the city by 1:00 p.m.  Busses can be rented through BOCES.  COACH busses must be scheduled through Transportation, as well.


    3.                  Private vehicles may only be used if school transportation is not available.


    4.               Under no circumstances are students permitted to drive a personal vehicle while on a school trip.


    5.                  Under Board Policy 4531, a staff member or parent may drive students if appropriate permission is granted by the student’s parent/guardian and the responsible administrator reviews the individual’s driver’s license and insurance card.