• Click on the above image to veiw the Chromebook guide.
    Summary of the guide below.

    I. Student Handbook
    II. Herricks Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
    III. About
    IV. Software

    • District-approved software
    • Extensions/ Add-ons
    • Signing in with Google
    • Checking for updates

    V. Built-in software

    • The shelf
    • Apps in a folder
    • Using a desk
    • Taking a photo or video
    • Accessibility features

    VI. File management

    VII. Find and open your files

    • Saving a file

    VIII. Hardware

    IX. Touchpad features

    X. Keyboard basics and shortcuts

    XI. Miscellaneous/Troubleshooting

    • Screen mirroring
    • Resetting a Chromebook
    • Clearing the cache
    • Camera on a Google Meet

    XII. Chromebook care

    • General precautions