Future Ready Technology Handbook

    *Chromebook agreement forms will be EMAILED to parents/guardians and these will be acknowledged electronically. Please do not print any Chromebook acknowledgments or "Future Ready Technology Handbook Forms". Thank you.   

  • The Herricks School District believes through the integration of technology into the business, teaching/learning environment, students and staff will continue to develop as collaborators, critical creative thinkers, informed digital citizens and effective communicators in order to succeed in an ever changing technology based world.  This handbook provides detailed information regarding the District’s policies, an overview of instructional technology goals, important forms and information, as well as resources that will help guide Herricks students in their appropriate use of District approved hardware and learning tools. To ensure the privacy and safety of our students, and to protect data and our resources, we ask parents and students to become familiar with our District approved policies and regulations that have been established for technology use in the District.  

    In order to ensure Herricks students are equipped with current and appropriate learning tools, the District continues to investigate applications, online subscriptions, and digital resources that support student learning as the District continues to prepare students for lifelong learning.   The District’s focus is centered on teaching and learning.  With ongoing access to the most current information available through the Internet and to other cloud based environments, students’ learning will be personalized.  As a Google for Education Plus school district, students are able to work collaboratively on documents, hand in assignments electronically, receive in-depth assistance throughout the learning process, conduct research electronically,  enhance their reading lives, and build their skills in all content areas.

     Curriculum drives the Technology