• Herricks Public Schools Propio Language Services:
    Request for Interpreter Form - Click Here

    This service is intended for school business use only in order to facilitate communication between members of the Herricks’ school community and parent(s)/guardian(s) who speak a language other than English.

    Please complete the form and turn it in to your building principal, or to his/her designee, to obtain instructions and access code to the service. Please note that pre-arranging an interpreter is not normally needed, but if you are requesting a rare language, you may pre-arrange it for a set time and date within 24 to 48 hours.

    Please make sure everyone is in attendance before using the service to avoid delays and additional costs. In the event of an emergency, please complete the form after the call is made.

    If you should have any questions, please contact Mr. Francesco Fratto, Director of World Languages, Language Immersion, & ENL, at Ext # 8719 or at FFratto@Herricks.org