Special Programs

  • STAC  STAC  (Student Television Arts Company)
    2.5 CREDITS
    Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

    STAC is a unique multidiscipline program for students gifted in the fine and performing arts.  Entry into the program is by audition in one of six disciplines: music, voice, dance, drama, writing and art (including the plastic art, video, photography, etc.).  During the course of the year students in small discipline-based groups participate in intensive workshops led by recognized professionals in each discipline area.  Workshops are varied in content and format, but all stress skills that are applicable to students’ work in high school and beyond.  As a group, the 36 members of the STAC company study film and filmmaking.  Students watch and evaluate a variety of films, including many foreign, independent and classic movies.  Students also learn film production skills from initial treatment to script to camera work to final editing using the company’s cameras and non-linear editing equipment.  STAC students study art as a social phenomena, exploring the impact of the arts on culture and the role and responsibility of the artists in society.  Participation in trips to New York City and the surrounding environs experience Theatre, dance, music, opera, art exhibits, cinema and avant-garde events and are integral to the STAC experience.  Material covered in STAC is drawn from the leading edge of historical and contemporary art and film.  A certain sophistication and maturity is required of all applicants.


    SE        QUEST           

    The Quest Program, formerly called the Senior Experience, allows students in AP courses to choose an alternative to the traditional school day.  After completing AP exams, students will be excused from AP classes to pursue an academic or creative project of personal interest.  All students (10th, 11th, and 12th grade) enrolled in AP courses that do not culminate in a Regents exam will participate in the Quest program.  Students who are enrolled in one or two AP courses will complete an Independent Study Project.  Students who are enrolled in three or more AP courses may choose to complete an Independent Study Project or may participate in an Internship.  All the participants will be required to meet each week with their assigned faculty mentor and to complete a daily log of activities.  At the conclusion of the program, the participants will make a formal presentation to a panel of faculty and students.  The final grade on the Quest Program will count toward 25% of the 4th Quarter grade in each of the student’s AP classes