Physical Education

  • Herricks High School Physical Education

    Mission Statement:  “The Herricks high School Physical Education program is dedicated to providing challenging and innovative activities while promoting citizenship, self-image and healthy decision making in a caring, supportive non-threatening atmosphere.  Our focus is to facilitate the development of students so they may reach their own individual levels of success”.

    Upon completion of the Herricks High School Physical Education Program, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

    • demonstrate proficiency in selected complex physical activities (games, sports, exercises) that provide conditioning for each fitness area
    • establish and maintain a high level of skilled performance, demonstrate mastery of fundamental movement forms and skills that can contribute to daily living tasks, and analyze skill activities
    • make physical activity an important part of their life and recognize such consequent benefits as self-renewal, greater productivity as a worker, more energy for family activities, and reduction in health care costs
    • use the basic principles of skill analysis to improve previously acquired skills and to continue to learn new skills and activities
    • know the components of personal wellness (nutrition and weight control, disease prevention, stress management, safety, and physical fitness), establish a personal profile with fitness/wellness goals, and engage in appropriate activities to improve or sustain their fitness
    • follow a program that relates to wellness, including weight control and stress management
    • demonstrate competence in leading and participating in group activities

     Electives:  Herricks High School offers the following elective physical education courses  (All physical education classes are co-ed.):

    • Personal Fitness II
    • Stress Management
    • Physiology of Exercise
    • Sports Medicine
    • Outdoor Education
    • Yoga
    • Yoga II
    • Dance
    • (all 9th grade students are enrolled in the Personal Fitness course.  This is a full year course, which upon completion; the student shall earn ½ credit of physical education).

      9th Grade Personal Fitness    Physical Education 10-12

    Adapted Physical Education:  Pupils who have been classified by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) to have a unique need(s) in physical education are placed in an adaptive program.  A written individualized education program (IEP) shall indicate the extent to which the student will participate in physical education (the physical education is involved in the development of the IEP).  All adaptive physical education classes are taught by certified physical education teachers.  Some students are: integrated into regular classes, attend physical education class accompanied by a classroom aide and/or are placed in an adaptive class. 

    Attendance Policy:  A student who has more than six (6) absences in a semester course that meets every other day may receive no credit for that course.  Any lateness that is more than fifteen (15) minutes is considered an absence.  Three latenesses under fifteen minutes is considered to be the equivalent of one absence.  Approved absences may be made up (illness, school field trips, approved college visits, court appearances, etc.).  Make up classes are conducted every week after school by a certified physical education teacher. Students attending make-up class must attend school that day. (a make up schedule is given to all students).

    Grading Policy:  Secondary students are graded on a pass-fail basis.  In order for a student to receive a passing grade, he/she is expected to:

    • Actively participate during every class.
    • Arrive to class on time.
    • Dress appropriately for physical activity (T-shirt and/or sweatshirt no tank tops, athletic shorts and/or sweatpants, athletic socks, sneakers, no oversized/undersized clothing, no pockets in clothing during contact activities, long hair is to be tied back, no hats or jewelry, no gum, candy, etc., sneakers must be laced/worn properly)
    • Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
    • Respect staff, students and parents.
    • Complete all assignments (homework, research papers, etc.).

    Clik here for a PDF copy of Physical Education classroom procedures.