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  • Annotated Map Report

    The Annotated Map Report is a breakdown of all the areas that are on the Individual Student Report. See the File below.


    Parent Toolkit

    The Parent toolkit is a useful guide for parents for more information about NWEA.

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    MAP Testing to Khan Academy 


    From the NWEA site:

    The correlation between MAP RIT scores and the Khan Academy exercises was determined by using our 2011 norms data to approximate grade levels, which were then matched to the corresponding Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Teachers in states that have not adopted the CCSS may still find these resources valuable by relating goals or sub-goals that are similar to CCSS goals and sub-goals.

    NWEA plans to work with Khan Academy to update these links twice a year as new exercises are developed.

    See the files below for Map To Khan resources


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