Email System

  • Everyone in the district has a user email account. Let’s say your name is Jane Smith.

    Your email address will be your

    Jane Smith’s email will be:

    (barring there are no duplicate names such as Joe Smith or Jack Smith, which can be taken care of later if this is the case)


    Logging in

    Email can be checked at and click District Email on the bottom right. Internet Explorer works best.

    User Name: jsmith (do not put

    Password: ********

    Domain: (Leave Blank)


    It will work like a regular email system. A few notes:

    1. Sending an email to another Herricks Teacher does NOT need the “” in the “To” field when composing an email

    2. Sending an email to someone OUT of the Herricks system DOES require the, or domain.

    3. Sending an email to multiple people requires a semi-colon instead of a comma.

      1. For ex: jsmith; mlee; rpatel

    4. Be sure to Sign out of your account!  



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