Google Classroom Information

  • Google Classroom Information


    You will use Google Classroom to complete homework assignments throughout this school year. It is very easy to keep track of assignments and share docs, assignments, and ideas with each other virtually!

    These are some of the ways we will be using Google Classroom this year:

    1. Submitting performance skills assessments.
    2. Submitting forms/documents digitally for listening journals or online assignments.
    3. Quick way of communication to give out announcements or reminders.

    Listed below are instructions on how to sign up for Google Classroom. You may sign up on the google website or download the app.

    Using the website:

    1. Sign in to Classroom at using your SCHOOL GOOGLE ACCOUNT.
    2. On the Home page, click + .
    3. Enter your class code: (see below to find your classroom code)
    4. Click Join.


    Using the app:

    1. Download the Google Classroom App onto your phone or tablet.
    2. Open the Classroom App.
    3. Enter your SCHOOL GOOGLE ACCOUNT information and touch Sign in.
    4. If asked to, select Student Account (this might not be necessary).
    5. Click + to add a class.
    6. Enter your class code: (see below to find your classroom code)
    7. Click join.

    These are the codes to sign up for Google Classrooms:


    Sixth Grade Chorus - ttgc66

    Seventh Grade Chorus - r537mi

    Eighth Grade Chorus - rplfide

    Chamber Choir - To be announced.

    Community Choir - To be announced.

    Music Class - orwq5g