Nassau BOCES Instructional Data Warehouse

  • All staff members have access to the Instructional Data Warehouse provided by BOCES.

    Also known as the IDW, The Nassau BOCES Instructional Data Warehouse is a repository for student data collected from multiple sources and organized for analysis and reporting. 

    Users will be able to access various types of data points.

    • analyze individual student results and target areas of strengths and weaknesses to improve achievement
    • support high standards and improve instruction through curriculum analysis
    • assist districts with State Reporting needs
    • analyze and improve pedagogy by identifying areas of instructional strength and weakness


    For more information about the IDW go to:

    Here you will find links to the IDW login, password recovery, IDW newsletters and Presenations and handouts from IDW user group meetings.


    Below is a user guide for the Herricks Staff on how to access the site.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.